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Partner Command


The Partner command tries to recommend a partner (or two) for you to play with. It does this using data from Discord and your Rocket League stats.

If someone close to your skill level is not available then the whole category will not be shown, fear not, there is a random person at the end that will be selected.

If someone else (not the first match) is close to your rank and is online they will also be shown, but someone who is playing Rocket League right now will be shown before them even if they're not the second best. If the best match is online then only someone playing Rocket League can be shown as well. If the best match is playing Rocket League then nobody else will be shown.

Season Reward Level

The Season Reward Level is based on your (well duh) Rocket League Season Reward Rank (IE Bronze, Silver, Gold etc). It will try to select someone within 1 rank of you. So a Silver could match with a Bronze or a Gold.


This is where things get a bit more complicated, but not by much. Here we order your playlists by their scores so you get to see them first. Then we get the top 5 people for each playlist that are close to your level in each, then do our usual of showing them and the online and currently playing Rocket League rules apply.

It's important to note here that this isn't based off of your Rank in these playlists, it's based off of your score (or MMR as you've likely heard it). This is to ensure finer granularity.

(Mostly) Randomly selected person

I've marked this as 'Mostly' everywhere because it favours people online and playing Rocket League over those who aren't. The logic here is that you're more likely to get someone who's willing to play. Here is how it works:

  • If more than 10 people are playing Rocket League, it will randomly select from there
  • ELSE If more than 10 people are online, it will randomly select from there
  • ELSE If more than 10 people are (playing Rocket League PLUS those online),it will randomly select from there
  • ELSE It will just select from everyone within the server. Except bots of course. I totally didn't have a bug where it would do this.

No More Silence!
After recieving a bunch of error logs of incorrect permissions within servers, I've decided to let you guys know when th...
Partner Command!
A new Partner command has been added! It suggests partners for you to play with based on rank and availability.