Rocket-League-United Discord Bot

Rocket League United is a discord bot aimed towards Rocket League players. It aims to bring Rocket League players closer together in the server rather than focus on individuals too much.


  • View a leaderboard of everyone in the server of their Overall Season rank
  • Add server events for RL meetups with remind-me's (a DM before the event starts)
  • Ask the bot to give you a playing partner based on your stats (read more here)
  • View your own Playlist stats (IE Dropshot, Rumble, Standard etc)
  • View your overall stats (Wins, Avg MMR, Shot Accuracy, current best rank)

Coming Soon...

  • Server Admin Dashboard and settings
  • Update Subscriptions (Recieve a DM when there important updates)
  • Rank Subscriptions (Recieve a DM when your Rocket League ranks change by a full rank (IE not divisions, but from Gold to Bronze for example)
  • Vote Locking, sorry, it has to be done (see below)


My bot is listed on the Discord Bot List, this means other people can find my bot, probably much like you did! For people to actually know about my bot, they need to see it on that list. That is ordered by vote counts.

Vote counts get reset at the start of every month, so my bot will lose its place.

To get people to be able to see my bot, I have put in place Vote Command Locking, wherein SOME commands are locked behind a vote wall ONLY IF I classify you as a heavy user.

A heavy user is someone who has used an intensive command more than 25 times in the current month. An intensive command is one that takes a while to run or is quite complicated and took me a while to make. I use this metric to try and get users to vote for my bot for the effort I have put in.

Currently an intensive command is one of the following: 'stats', 'overall', 'leaderboard'

No More Silence!
After recieving a bunch of error logs of incorrect permissions within servers, I've decided to let you guys know when th...
Partner Command!
A new Partner command has been added! It suggests partners for you to play with based on rank and availability.